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#Calculation Component
#Calculation Component
Version 2.1.198


Sales Policy

XoYoSoftware Devom Team develops and sells professional component products for software developers especially designed to make software development easier, faster and more effective. All of our products have fully functional trial versions, so you can easily use them to complete your urgent project.

Try And Buy
You can try all of our products before you buy. It means that our products have a fully functional trial version. The trial version may be used for evaluation purposes only in 30 days. The only restriction is a nag-screen for registration. Distribution of applications built with trial versions of our products is strictly prohibited by License Agreement.

Run-time Royalty Free
All licenses of our products are Run-time Royalty Free. It means that you may distribute applications built with commercial versions of our products without additional fees.

Upgrade Policy

Minor and Major Upgrades
There are two kinds of upgrades for our products: minor upgrades and major upgrades.

Minor upgrades will be made available for download from our web site free of charge in your license service period. The minor upgrades are usually includes slight modifications, bug fixes etc. The minor upgrade increases only the minor version number (from 1.00 to 1.10 for example).

Major upgrades will carry an upgrade price that is determined separately for each release. You will be entitled to a free major upgrade if you purchased within 30 days of the upgrade release date. The major upgrade is a new version of the product that contains important improvements (new features, essential optimization, lots of small modifications etc.) For major upgrade we increase the version number (from 1.xx to 2.yy for example).

License Upgrade
Any customer can upgrade his license (from 1 Developer License to Team or Site Wide License, for example) at any time. The price for upgrading licenses is a difference between their current prices.

If you want to order the license upgrade, please contact our Sales Department.















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